Trust administration involves responsibilities associated with maintaining a trust’s assets, disbursements, and filings. The duties are often tricky and time-sensitive. Depending on the requirements, the process of operating a trust may include requesting legal, financial, and other administrative assistance. Making necessary filings following the settlor’s death and paying off the trust’s financial liabilities are additional aspects of trust management. At Hughes Legacy Law PLLC, we implement effective plans to address your trust administration obligations and demands in Alexandria, VA, putting clients at peace knowing they are dealing with a trusted advisor with a reputation for quality.

Our trust administration services include but are not limited to:

• Managing complicated personal and charitable trusts
• Advising on the appointment of trustees and trust protectors
• Accounting for trust activity
• Advising fiduciaries on the investment and distribution of trust assets
• Ensuring compliance with state and federal law, including tax filings

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