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At Hughes Legacy Law PLLC, we understand that defining your estate plan can be arduous on both an emotional and financial level. For those starting to plan for the first time, it is especially difficult as it forces a person to admit their own mortality. It is common for people to struggle with these feelings when they do not anticipate needing to worry about death or disability for many years. We are here to help you navigate these feelings and fears for positive outcome.

It is never too early to get established with an estate planning attorney who can help your plan grow with you. In fact, we have found that the earlier our clients connect with us, we are able to reduce the anxiety and mystery of the planning process so it is ready when you need it. To ensure the future of your family and estate is secure well in advance, reach out to our firm today to see how we can best help navigate you toward your desired outcome.

3 Benefits of Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

At Hughes Legacy Law PLLC, we are here to listen and guide you through the drafting process and work with you to develop a detailed, professional, and defensible plan that best fits the needs of you and your family for years to come. Although drafting your documents through an automated document service or online form may seem like a low-budget option and a great start, we have found working with an experienced estate planning attorney is more beneficial for the following reasons:

Up-To-Date Documentation

Legislation is regularly updated by legislative bodies and interpreted by the court system. Our team of skilled professionals stays up-to-date and advises our clients accordingly. We will ensure your documentation meets the newest regulations in order to reflect current law.

Your documentation should be adjusted at least every five years to accommodate changes in your life and changes in the law. Common areas in which you may need to adjust wishes and provisions include:

  •       Marriage
  •       Divorce
  •       Birth of children or grandchildren
  •       Ages of children (no longer minors)
  •       Inheritance
  •       Major property purchases
  •       Starting or selling a business
  •       Retirement

Working in tandem with an estate planning attorney ensures you have a caring and knowledgeable professional to guarantee your documentation reflects your current circumstances and adheres to current state and federal regulations and tax law.

Professionally Drafted

Following a templated planning document online can be a fine introduction to the world of estate planning, but you are often given little room for modification or personalization. They will often only cater to the most basic family-style living situations, where all assets and property are first distributed to your spouse and then to the surviving children. With the assistance of an attorney, you can fully tailor all wishes and desired beneficiaries in a professionally drafted plan. For example, without the imposed restrictions of a premade document, considerations to a charity organization or new routes of asset distribution can be accommodated easily.

Hughes Legacy Law PLLC will help tailor your wishes and, due to a more personal approach, can update your documentation more easily as your life changes. Our experience has shown that documents prepared by an attorney are more detailed and personal than fill-in-the-blank type documents to ensure your wishes are defensible and up to the most current standards at a federal and state level.

Continued Resource for Loved Ones

When the time comes for the distribution of all assets and property, your family and friends will go through a probate period. Formally, the administrative probate period can last from six months to up to two years, depending on the complexity of the estate and whether your documentation is up to current state and federal laws. When you partner with Hughes Legacy Law PLLC, you are allowing yourself the luxury of a team with decades of Virginia probate experience and will continue to be a valuable resource for your surviving loved ones, help defend your wishes, and minimize the risk of family conflict.

Consult a Professional Estate Planning Attorney Today

When your estate plan is first written, it’s often an uncomplicated and modest endeavor detailing the control and distribution of assets amongst immediate family. Consider Hughes Legacy Law PLLC a tool to help listen to your specific wishes, requests, and desires and advise accordingly. We understand the process may be unfamiliar and confusing. With our knowledge and skills, a personalized and appropriate plan will begin to take shape.

To begin the planning process today, please call (703) 977-1139 or fill out our online contact form.